Project talks

Over the next months from 1st October 2023 I will start the process of finding out if there are people who like to work on one or more of the projects I have started or will start in the time to come and/or if they have thoughts they need to talk about concerning one or more of my projects.

If you are interested in a project of mine you can meet me for a talk on places/dates/times under.

1. Cafe visits for talk about the valuemark I am the 'inventor' of. When I got the idea I naturally soon registered the domain

2. Cafe visits for talks about making a great online shop for people in Eu countries for selling sports equipment through I registered this domain on the day eurid started selling .eu domain names:

3. Cafe visits to talk about "my" sports project for cup-, arena-/playfield-, member management and rating/ranking I planned from 2005-2011 and for some time after. Do you have thoughts and emotions about this project? Then you can meet me on times/places under:

4. Other projects. Project for selling newspapers/magazines second hand and other projects.