Commitment/offer to women from Latvia over 35 not in a relationship

Human beings benefit on physical care.

I have been living alone most of my life as an adult because of my individual story and I believe that it is a waste of physical resource not to use my physical energy to give other people a kind of physical care if needed or wanted. 

After I came to Latvia I have therefore reasoned that I like to offer physical care once a month to women from Latvia who signal in a way to me that they would like that. By that I mean a kind of amateur massage and/or other physical touch that feels good. I took a course in sports massage many years ago but never used the training.

This is for free and for any adult woman over 35 and the only rules are:

-It is for free.

-She cannot be in a relationship.

-Being normally clean and having no transmittable disease.

-It is only for women from Latvia 

-We meet at her place or at mine or at another safe place.

Can be done while sitting on a chair or lying down on a sofa. Not required but don't mind if she likes to do the same for me.

-Only one meeting. Next month I will offer the same to another person.

These are the dates/times I offer this:

1.11.23 from 1600-1700

1.12.23 from 1600-1700

02.01.24 from 1600-1700

If interested you may ask me if you meet on me or you can call me or send me an sms to +47 28746206.