People who have connected to my PC and cellphone over many years and stolen both saved and trashed data/words, who also often have manipulated contents in texts I have written even to Norwegian police authorities and to Interpol, recently forced me to leave Norway to settle in another country. Their crimes made it unliveable for me in Norway because Norwegian police has done nothing to stop these criminals despite a lot of information I have reported to police since May 2011. Their crimes are very serious because someone involved in their activities influenced on the person who committed the terrible 22nd July crimes in Norway in 2011 and possibly also made Norwegian police shelve a police case that was relevant in the 22nd July case in June 2011.

I have never committed any crime that can justify that someone has connected to my PC in an invisible way or stolen data from me in other ways before and/or after the summer 2011. Even if Norwegian police has been involved they have committed crimes. The uncontrolled way it has been going on and ways words have been abused has been irresponsible in every way.

Because these kind of data crimes are invisible to others, because they are  almost unnoticeable acts that are difficult to reveal and therefore small doings in a way the crimes they have committed are very serious. People resoponsible have committed a robbery, they have committed a crime against me by abusing the data/words, they have committed crimes against others when they have abused such data/words to influence/manipulate them and/or when they have committed crimes against them, and  when they have made people participate in abuse of the stolen words/trashed data in a crime against me. All people who have been under influence by the person responsible have been participants in a crime. Whether or not people under influence have committed a crime against me depends on what they knew about the ongoing data crime and what they were told which is relevant to understand why they participated or relevant to understand why/how they were under influence by someone responsible for the other crimes committed. People may not have known they have been under influence/manipulation by someone who had an access to stolen words/data from me. Stolen data have also undoubtably been abused in attempts to create a deceitful perception that people not familar with stolen words/data have participated in the stealing and the abuse. A person knowing about stolen words have done so by making people (even people related to me) do things linked to the data/words they otherwise would not have done. The responsible  person's motive is questionable. The same person has stolen and abused my trashed/unsaved private keystrokes  without my awareance and acceptance over many years and has done so probably in an attempt to protect someone who actually influenced on the 22nd July terrorist. One reason for why it took time for me to understand I had been a victim of datacrime (I started suspecting this after 12th May 2011) was that relevant incidents/crimes either happened in a way that was not possible to see, that they affected someone I didn't know and never had met and/or that incidents/crimes were far from my environment. It was very difficult to comprehend and unthinkable that someone who committed a datacrime against me also caused other crimes.

Because the 22nd July crimes were psychotic acts people may have acted psychotically after and people who have stolen trashed and unshared words from my private keystrokes are partly responsible for that. They have undoubtably caused a mass psychosis after 22nd July. Having shared relevant information about details concerning the 22nd July case with Norwegian police in 2011 and with PST and the largest Norwegian newspaper in 2012 I mean that Norwegian police, PST and Aftenposten have committed treason in Norway by ignoring these relevant details in years after and by not stopping continued datacrimes committed against me that probably will be ongoing until I get a residential address in a new country. 

A valuable project I worked on was a motive for the datacrimes.