Victim of datacrimes before 22nd July by someone who influenced on the terrorist

I had no idea that I had been a victim of datacrimes in 2010. Someone had undoubtably picked up all output of my keystrokes including trashed unshared keystrokes over many years either by using a keylogger or by connecting realtime to my PC. The person responsible for this has been very sick.

After I reported a neighbour to police in May 2011 I started suspecting I had been and wondered how and what kind of data thieves could have got hold of. Later I have realized that they got hold of everything I typed on my keyboard including words I deleted. Unfortunately the police case registered was shelved by mistake then only after a week after it was registered early June 2011. The police case was undoubtably relevant in the tragic 22nd July case. This was a matter of «invisible detail» (a few sentences from unshared trashed data more than a year old on my side) and I did not see that until memories have made me increasingly concious about this during years that has passed since 22nd July.

After I have realized someone also got hold of my trashed data I started suspecting that people involved in the datacrimes somehow caused the murder of the Norwegian student Martine in London in 2007. People who got hold of trashed data probably used data in a way that insulted a woman married to a person involved in idealing of illegal drugs. The special words abused caused motive for rape if she was raped and murder motive. The murder motive had nothing to do with a text I typed that had to do with reflections I did being about having a kind of personal interest in psychology behind some kind of crimes. I did not know who Martine was and did not suspect any link at all to people who committed datacrimes until after 22nd July. I had no motive in harming Martine. 

I perceived programmers who worked on my project in Islamabad as good, normal and serious people. It is and was unthinkable that they were involved in crime. One of them spent time in London possibly in 2007. The question is how that is linked to the datacrime someone committed. Someone involved in the crime may have influenced on him to work in London for some time. After the murder there has been a «hunt» for Farouk Abdulakh who was suspected to have committed the murder. He probably didn't but he may have been involved in stealing of data or had an access to stolen trashed data from my PC. The question is how because Farouk Abdulakh doesn't understand Norwegian. The relevant trashed data was in the Norwegian language. It may have been Martine who had access to the data. She was from the Asker area where the programmer settled later when he moved to Norway. If she had it should have been investigated if Martine was involved in the committed datacrimes.
A psychotic investigation of the Martine case may have led to that someone working for a police authority after has connected to my PC or used a keylogger on my PC in years after. This may have been caused by someone who had a financial motive in the project I was working on who has tried to create wrong perceptions about the stolen trashed data someone got hold of and abused. But someone stole data from my PC also before the murder. That may be explained by a psythoic investigation of the 9.11 case and that someone, also with a financial motive, has tried to create wrong perception to get hold of the sports project I then worked on. I recently shared a letter with the White House about relevant details that are relevant to understand that 9.11 partly may have been a police-, defence and intelligence community scandal.

After I started suspecting a datacrime had happened I delivered my Pcs to a Norwegian company named Ibas with the purpose to check if the PC had parts that made it possible for someone to connect to them in ways I was not aware of. That was early autumn 2011. People who monitored my PC were aware of that because my unshared private keystrokes revealed some of the future daily plans I made. They could manipulate everything. The day I delivered my PCs to Ibas I checked in Windows if there were components under hidden components. Surprisingly one in my laptop was named «Softmodem». When I received my PC after the «check» at Ibas it was gone. This was not mentioned in the report from Ibas which means someone has not been honest. Thinking back to 2010 the programmer who spent time in London worked  one or two days from a room in my 4-room apartment that year. It is possible that he, possibly because of the Martine case, then installed the component in my laptop.

If it was not Farouk Abdulakh who committed the murder on Martine the investigation and hunt for him naturally caused an uncertainty in the person who committed the murder. People who had been involved in the datacrimes who used stolen data in stupid ways, or who had an access to stolen data through them, of course had a big problem after. If was of course a tragedy for them as well as for the family of Martine. A question is what the Norwegian woman who worked on my project new about this.

Datacrimes against me had been going on over many years in 2011. Nothing about me was abnormal in 2010 and 2011 except for that I reported my neighbour to police and except for that something obviusly was wrong. My problem was that this was a matter of invisible detail that could not be seen by other people. Someone connected to my PC without my awareance of it also when Windows «said» my PC was disconnected from the internet, or someone used a keylogger to get hold of all output of my keystrokes. This is true and how it was. People in contact with me knows this. There was nothing abnormal about my behvauour these years except for the natural fear I got because of the neighbour on 12th May 2011. I did not understand then why my life suddently was in danger.

Care and/or compassion must not be mixed with insanity. It is not abnormal by people who lose someone close to them to contact people they were in contact with after their passing away. There are different natural reasons for that. One to talk with people about the person in memorable ways or for example to invite someone to a funeral. When my mother passed away in 2007 she naturally dissapeared from the neighbourhood she lived in. That naturally explains why I called a woman whos name was Wenche Behring first quarter 2010. She was not close to my mother, and my brothers and sisters had no idea who she was, but I had noticed that my mother sometimes said hallo to her when I walked aside my mother when I visited my mother in the neighbourhood. As far as I know she was not in our mother's funeral, and the reason for that was that she was not close to any of us. I was conscious about this after because my mother of course dissapeared also for people who said hallo to her. Therefore I called her. There was no reason to question these details. Had someone questioned Wenche Behring she would have confirmed that we talked between 3-7 minutes first quarter 2010 and that we talked about maybe meeting in a café to talk about my mother. This was a compassionate and positive kind of talk. No reason to question.
I have never met or communicated with Anders Behring Breivik who is/was her son. He also has a different surname and it took  time after 22nd July until I realized that the terrorist was her son. These details are true and I like to remind readers that the 22nd July case was a very serious case and still is a matter of national security for people in Norway. Lying in such a case is a very serious crime. Therefore people should be strongly warned against suggesting insane «theories». I have no problem taking a lie detector test about any of these details.

I have reasoned recently that it was not random that Wenche Behring started saying hallo to my mother when my mother moved to the neighbourhood in 2003 or 2004. She had been married to a Norwegian diplomat who had worked in London who may have been involved in diplomacy relating to the 9.11 attack. My mother had no information about this and was unaware of it. Wenche Behring was encouraged by someone to talk with my mother. Probably by someone who committed datacrimes against me also before 2007. I have wondered after 2011 if someone who did blackmailed my mother and if that explains how Breivik got hold of money. If someone did the person who did may also have blackmailed her to kill herself. Important to keep in mind that I was not aware of that someone committed data crimes against me in and before 2007.
My brothers and sisters did not suspect such blackmail in 2007. We have no evidence that says she was.

Autumn or early winter 2009 a woman rang my doorbell. She asked to borrow my phone for a reason. I rememeber well that I wondered if she could be a user of an illegal drug but let her borrow it. She said that she lived in the building. Because it was abnormal that people rang my doorbell to borrow my phone, and because of natural sceptisism, I took a note of the phone number she called and the name that came up on the number after I did a search in an online phone directory. The name of a foreign person came up. I came over a note I took with the name and the phone number when I went through my files in February 2024.

Not a long time later, in December 2009 I moved from the 1-room apartment I had lived in to a larger apartment I bought. Later in 2010 a man two-three years older than me called my doorbell.
He said he lived in the apartment next door and invited me into his apartment. I was also sceptical then, because i was not used to neighbours contacting me in such ways but saw now link then to the woman who rang my doorbell late 2009.

The reaons for why they rang my doorbell may have had to do with the Martine case, with my sports project and with people who stole data from my PC. People who stole and abused data from my PC caused problems for themselves especially when it comes to the Martine case. Farouk Adbulakh's life may have been affected very negatively in some ways including his relationship with some people. I have never met, have never communicated with and don't know Farouk Adbulak. People who did something that caused the problems, who had an access to output of my trashed private keystrokes, may have «felt» or psychotically thought that the consequences of their crimes or psychotic acts was my fault. 
If my mother was blackmailed, it is possible that Breivik was involved either in that or in the cause of her death, and Wenche Behring may have known about it. When I took a call to her it may be that she told her son about it and that he or people who did something against my mother feared they would be caught for a crime committed. That may also have to do with the Martine case and someone who feared to be held responsible for the murder. It is not abnormal that a crime causes a crime and it is should not surprise if Breivik committed a crime before the 22nd July. It should not surprise if he got money through a criminal act he did or someone who influenced on him did.

The Martine case was on Goverment level in Norway. People affected negatively by an investigation, or people in fear of being caught, had a motive of «attacking» the Goverment and Norway. The person may also insanely have wanted to cause problems for me and the project I worked on in 2011 after I registered a copyright document for the project as a patent application on 26th April 2011.

The Norwegian government building was bombed on the 22nd July which implies the attack was an attack on Norway. Because Breivik's father may have had played a diplomatic role when it came to the 9.11 case, or in the diplomacy relating to the Martine case, it is also possible that someone in a revenge against his family managed to trick and convince Breivik to do what he did on 22nd July. That may have had to do with a late investigation of the 9.11 case or an investigation of the Martine case. May be in an attempt to disrupt an investigation. I think there is a chance that Breivik and/or people who influenced on Breivik had done something before 22nd July that made him or them think their life or lives «were over». In a sick kind of revenge against someone they blamed for that he or they committed the 22nd July crimes. He may have thought that «he might as well also do that» and his thoughts may be understood from contents in the manuscript he shared with people. It is also possible Breivik had wrong ideas about someting based on one or more texts in for example blogs or on Facebook. There is also no doubt Americans have had an access to stolen trashed data from my PC. 9.11 was partly a police-, defence and intelligence community scandal and someone may have investigated details that were relevant to understand how. The 9.11 motive had nothing to do with Norway but was a revenge after US strikes in Iraq in February 2001 that killed 3-5 people and injured close to 30. To insinuate that an individual from Norway was involved in that is not only insane but a serious crime. Another thing is that I saw that there theoretically was a chance that airplanes could be used in terrorism and I correctly informed a Norwegian police authority about that. It was their mistake that risks were not considered and handled in a correct way.

The only thing abnormal about me before 12th May 2011 was that I was working on a promising sports project would have been very valueable had not someone who stole data from my PC sabotaged the project. Some of the same people probably connect to my PC also these days and have committed datacrimes against me over many years.

I have committed no crime in 2011, before 2011 and after 2011.

I moved from Norway in August 2023 because of serious mistakes Norwegian police has done since May 2011. Ignoring the details I shared with police in 2011 and 2012 was very serious because people who made police ignore them may have been the people who influenced on the terrorist.

Latvia 29.03.24
Christian M. Borge

Copy of contents from recent messages to The Norwegian Bureau for the Investigation of Police Affairs,

Omtrent slik går man frem i etterforskning av terrorsaker

Hei igjen,

Jeg var offer for dataforbrytelser forut for 22. juli og en person som stod bak påvirket Breivik eller en person som påvirket Breivik. Et motiv bak forbrytelsene var et verdifullt idrettsprosjekt jeg jobbet med. Det er direkte hensynsløst og en forbrytelse at det aldri ble konstatert at en dataforbrytelse var begått og at jeg aldri er blitt informert om hvem som stod bak forbrytelsen med tanke på alvoret i forbindelse med 22. juli saken.

Dataforbrytelser pågår mot meg også den dag i dag ved at personer uten mitt samtykke kobler seg til min PC. Dette har foregått i mange år uten at jeg har vært kjent med det. Jeg har etterhvert forstått at personer som deltar i det er en god blanding av personer som er eller har vært involvert i kriminalitet og av personer som har hatt en vrangforestillingslidelse siden 2011.

Om prosjektet mitt var tema i samtaler blant personer i et møte hos kronprinsparet på Skaugum i 2011 skulle informasjon om det ha vært formidlet til norsk politi. Det skulle ha vært koblet til anmeldelsen av min nabo i mai/juni 2011 og til dataforbrytelser jeg hadde vært offer for. Det er tre grunner til at det er og var viktig:

1. Personer som i så fall medvirket til at det var tema på Skagum påvirket Breivik eller en person som påvirket Breivik. Personen som gjorde det skulle ha vært straffet for det og for dataforbrytelser begått mot meg.

2. Det var et grovt ransforsøk om det var sånn. Informasjon om hvem som medvirket til det er og var viktig for å avsløre et rans- og forbrytermiljø.

3. Personer som stod bak dataforbrytelser mot meg i 2011 misbrukte også usignerte og forkastede avtrykk fra min PC etter 22. juli. Derfor er det grunn til å tro at det var samme personer som påvirket Breivik.

Dette gjaldt også usignerte og forkastede avtrykk før 22. juli.

Politi og PST forholdt seg ikke til den informasjon jeg hadde bearbeidet som var av betydning som politi og PST fikk av meg i 2011 og 2012. I stedet fortsatte dataforbrytelsene.

Den informasjon jeg formidlet til dem var relevant med tanke på å etterforske hvem som stod bak dataforbrytelser og ransforsøk forut for 22. juli. De som begikk dataforbrytelser har brukt avtrykk fra min PC som ikke har hatt noe med virkelighet å gjøre til å mistenkeliggjøre meg og personer knyttet til meg. Det er en grov forbrytelse i en så alvorlig sak og også en grov forbrytelse å ignorere detaljer i informasjon som formidles til politi i så alvorlige saker. Verken jeg eller noen i min familie har hatt noe med Breivik eller med det som skjedde den 22. juli å gjøre.

Det er også en forbrytelse og åpenbar en tjenesteforsømmelse å ikke være varsom og ansvarsfull når man tilnærmer seg personer i etterforskning av så alvorlige saker. Fordi det i så alvorlige saker er ekstremt viktig å finne de rette svarene. 

I slike saker er det også en grov forbrytelse å legge skyld på noen uten å prate med de om saken.

Etterforskere vet for eksempel at oppfatning og virkelighet ikke er det samme. Bare en idiotetterforsker vil påstå noe annet. Derfor er det viktig å prate med folk.

Skatt hadde ingen ting med 22. juli forbrytelsene å gjøre. Spør mennesker som har flyttet til Sveits om de ville begått en terrorhandling fordi de har penger på konto i en utenlandsk bank..

Såvidt jeg vet betaler alle jeg har kontakt med skatt og det tror jeg de også gjorde i og før 2011. Hadde noen "snytt litt" på skatten før 2011 så er det langt i fra en terrorhandling. Å påstå noe annet er også en grov forbrytelse. 

Måten man tilnærmer seg personer på for å finne ut om de kan ha informasjon av betydning er for eksempel "vi lurer på hvor Breivik fikk penger fra og etterforsker detaljer knyttet til det.. Vi antar at du/dere ikke var kjent med terrorplaner forut for 22. juli..?". 

-Det stemmer. Selvfølgelig. Verken jeg eller mine søsken var kjent med terrorplaner. 

En normal etterforsker ville for eksempel fortsatt samtalen.. "Vi er ikke ute etter å ta noen som har snytt litt på skatten i forbindelse med dette.. så du kan senke skulderne om du eller noen du kjenner har noe på samvittigheten sånn sett... Dette handler om nasjonal sikkerhet og vi er kun ute etter relevant informasjon  for å finne ut hvem Breivik samarbeidet med." Er du/dere kjent med hvor Breivik fikk penger fra...?"

-Nei, ville mine søsken og jeg ha svart. 

Etterforskeren hadde kanskje fortsatt samtalen.. "Deres mor gikk bort i 2007. Kan hun ha vært offer for pengeutpressing før hun gikk bort? Breivik begikk en alvorlig forbrytelse den 22. juli og kan ha begått forbrytelser også før 22. juli.. Vi er gjennom skattemyndighetene gjort kjent med at dere oppga til skattemyndighetene at dere arvet noe penger fra en konto i utlandet i forbindelse med arv fra deres mor..."

-Ja, det stemmer hadde jeg eller vi da svart. Penger kom fra lovlig rederivirksomhet fra våre besteforeldres firma som i flere år ble drevet fra Hong Kong. Det forklarer antakelig at de var penger som kom fra rederivirksomhet på en konto i utlandet.

Etterforskeren ville kanskje ha fortsatt.." Igjen, du eller dere kan slappe helt av. Dette er en så alvorlig sak at akkurat det er uten betydning i forbindelse med dette.. Dette går i glemmeboken min for jeg er avhengig av at vi kan snakke fritt så jeg får gjort jobben min ordentlig med tanke denne alvorlige saken.. Dette handler som nevnt om nasjonal sikkerhet. Detaljer kan være av stor betydning.. Noen skattekroner er helt uten betydning i forbindelse med dette.. Er det mulig å få kontoinformasjon eller kontoutskrifter så vi kan gå gjennom alt? 

Fordi saken er så alvorlig og vi er avhengige av at mennesker er ærlige, og vi selvfølgelig ikke vil trekke inn uskyldige mennesker i saken, så får dere immunitet i forbindelse med forklaringer. Dette har jeg avklart med min sjef.... Når det gjelder de som er skyldige i forbindelse med 22. juli så er det selvfølgelig en annen sak. Det er dere sikkert enige i..

-Ja, selvfølgelig ville jeg og vi ha svart. Vi ville også ha svart at vi ikke var kjent med om vår mor hadde vært utsatt for pengeutpressing. Det var ingen av oss. Det vil si vi vet ingen ting om hvor Breivik fikk penger fra. Om penger kom fra vår mor handlet det om at vår mor var offer for en forbrytelse og pengeutpressing.

I saker som i 22. juli saken er man utrolig varsomme når man tilnærmer seg mennesker som kan være berørt for å ha mulighet til å lykkes med å finne små biter av informasjon som kan være av betydning.

Bare en idiotetterforsker vil mene noe annet.

Med vennlig hilsen
Christian Morten Borge